Vancouver Island Miniature Horse Club

Welcome to Vancouver Island Miniature Horse Club. Our club has been in existence since March 1993 and membership has grown steadily during this time More and more people are realizing the enjoyment and fun that these little horses can bring to their lives.

We are an industrious group of horse enthusiasts who get together often throughout the year for meetings, clinics, fun days and social events. The "Miniature Horse Show" is always a huge success at the Fall Fairs.

These versatile little horses can excel in all disciplines - halter, obstacle, jumping and driving. Of course, they make awesome little pets and become your best friend.

We welcome all new members,, or if you want more information about this wonderful little breed, please e-mail us and we will be happy to help in any way.



Dates for 2003  
March 2nd "Combined Driving" "Fun Day" at Pine Paddocks sponsored by Cowichan District Riding Club and the B.C. Driving Association.
March 23rd Multi-Event Clinic/Fun at Mill-Shaw Meadows
April 13th Club Meeting. The topic will be horse dentistry.
April 18 - 20 Seatac AMHA Show
May 4th Clipping Day. This is a "do-it-yourself" event. Come out and have fun while learning how to clip.
May 26th Club Fun Day.
June 7 - 8 Vancouver AMHA Show
June 20 - 22 Can-Am AMHA Show
June 28 - 29 Arnstrong AMHA Show
July 11 - 13 Calgary Stampede AMHA Show
July 20 Club Meeting
August 17 Nanaimo Fair Mini Horse Show
August 31 Saanich Fair Mini Horse Show
Sept. 6 - 7 Cowichan Fair Mini Horse Show
October 19 Club Meeting
November Year End Club Banquet


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